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Diabetikers fotproblem : Rätt prevention och behandling kan halvera risken för amputation

Diabetic foot; Optimal prevention and treatment can halve the risk of amputation
  • Jan Apelqvist
  • David Bergqvist
  • Magnus Eneroth
  • Jan Larsson
Publishing year: 1999
Language: Swedish
Pages: 37-41
Publication/Series: Lakartidningen
Volume: 96
Issue: 1-2
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Swedish Medical Association

Abstract english

Almost half of all lower leg amputations are performed in patients with diabetes. In over 70 per cent of these cases, amputation is precipitated by progression of foot ulceration to deep gangrenous infection. Most foot ulcers are preceded by trauma, usually due to ill-fitting shoes, and are precipitated by sensory motor neuropathy with varying degrees of peripheral vascular disease. The Swedish Medical Research Council and the Swedish Institute for Health Services Development arranged a conference on diabetic foot problems in April 1998, the purpose of which was to arrive at a consensus regarding the prevention and management of diabetic foot. It was concluded that a satisfactory multidisciplinary approach should include regular control of feet and footwear, preventive foot care (education, footwear, chiropody), continuous follow-up of high-risk feet, and early recognition of revascularisation. Continuous registration of amputation, irrespective of type, cause and site, might substantially reduce the amputation rate among diabetics. Were such an approach to reduce the incidence of diabetes-related amputation by 50 per cent, annual costs for the management of diabetic foot in Sweden would be reduced by SEK 400 million (the value of improved quality of life not taken into consideration).


  • Endocrinology and Diabetes


  • ISSN: 0023-7205
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