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Botnia Prospective Study

The Botnia study started in 1990 at the west coast of Finland aiming at identification of genes’ increasing susceptibility to T2D in members from families with T2D.

The prospective part includes 2,770 nondiabetic family members and/or their spouses (1,263 men and 1,507 women, mean age 45 years), 138 of whom developed T2D during a 7.7 year (median) follow-up period. All subjects were given information about exercise and healthy diet and exposed at 2- to 3-year intervals to a new OGTT.

Lund University Diabetes Centre, CRC, SUS Malmö, Jan Waldenströms gata 35, House 91:12. SE-214 28 Malmö. Telephone: +46 40 39 10 00